How to overcome all obstacles and get driving license in Sweden (körkort)

I want to share with my experience in getting driving license. I went to driving school at the age of 20. I wanted to drive a car, because my university was situated far from my house. I was taking two buses to reach it. It was long and inconvenient, so I decided to get driving license (in Sweden it is called körkort). It was good spur for me.

As always I started with theory. I was studying theory book and tried to remember questions and right answers. After some time I understood that it is useless try to remember anything from the first time. First it is better to just read and understand but when you start repeating material then it memorizes. The more you repeat theory the better results you will get on exam. There is quite much material to learn and not everyone have time to repeat it for many times. I advise to read theory book every time you have free moment. For example, when you are in public transport or before you go to sleep spend some 15 minutes to read theory. I was doing exactly that way. I can say that it is quite easy way of studying theory because you don’t need to spend extra hours for learning. Besides theory book, I was testing my theory in the internet. I was practicing my knowledge by passing tests. There are many websites that provide körkort practice. I have chosen one I liked most. However you can answer all questions correct in the internet test, it doesn’t guarantee you passing real theory test (teoriprov). I don’t know why it happens like this but some of my friends failed theory exactly this way. To my mind, it happens because at the real theory exam people are under the stress.

I got my körkort in just 1 month. Maybe it is just lucky coincidence but my studies also impacted the result for sure. For practicing driving I don’t have extra tips except driving lessons at least I didn’t use any. I can wish everyone be self-confident and motivated to pass the exam and you will get driving license.



21 Nov 2012

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