How I atomized invoicing on my enterprise

Every year the number of enterprises that issue electronic invoices increases. I have been running my company for 2 years. Everything connected with invoicing I did manually by myself. When my suppliers forced me to receive electronic invoices, I didn’t mind. I realised that it is fast and convenient to receive invoices by e-mail. I have started to think of changing my way of invoicing too.

I have heard about billing software that is used for invoicing customers. I have found some programs in the internet. But it was difficult to sort out which of these programs is suitable for my business needs. Fortunately most of billing software providers offer to try free demo versions of program. This helped me to choose one invoicing program called Invoiceor ( which was easy to work with. After the end of demo version I have bought a membership.

I warned all my customers about issuing electronic invoices in advance. For those who still wanted to receive paper invoices I made extra charge. Almost all customers agreed with electronic bill receiving. I noticed that invoicing with Invoiceor takes me less time. I can invoice customers even from home, because my billing program is online.

All data about my products and customers is saved into invoicing program. So creating an invoice means choosing a customer and an item from the list, setting due date and invoice is ready to be sent. When you get to know with the program, you can create an invoice in 1 minute time. I find billing software wonderful and very helpful assistant of my business.

30 Oct 2010

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