Highway Code for pedestrians #2

Highway Code

Highway Code for pedestrians recommends to consider safe crossing the road. It is extremely critical to teach children to cross the road safely. Don't forget that children always learn from their parents behavior!

It is recommendable first find a safe place to cross and where there is space to reach the pavement on the other side. Bear in mind that it is safer to cross using a subway, a footbridge, an island, a zebra, pelican, toucan or puffin crossing, or where there is a crossing point controlled by a police officer, a school crossing patrol or a traffic warden. If this is not possible choose a place where you can see clearly in all directions. Try to avoid crossing between parked cars, on a blind bend, or close to the brow of a hill. Move to a space where drivers and riders can see you clearly. Do not cross the road diagonally.

Don't forget to stop just before you get to the kerb, where you can see if anything is coming. Observe distance to the traffic but make sure you can still see approaching vehicles. Use you ears, sometimes you hear traffic before you see it. Don't hurry - your life is more important than to be somewhere in time! Even if you have to catch airplane to Philippines! Don't cross the road until there is a safe gap in the traffic and you are certain that there is plenty of time. Bear in mind even if traffic is a long way off, it may be approaching very quickly. While you cross the road keep looking and listening for traffic while you cross. It helps you to notice traffic you haven't seen before or which has appeared suddenly. Don't forget about cyclists and motorcyclists changing lanes of traffic.

29 Nov 2010

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