DSA hazard perception

Hazard perception test DSA hazard perception tests are the most complicated part of theory test. Of course, I am not saying that multiple choice questions and case studies are easy to pass but still, hazard perception test is harder because you can't predict will the particular hazard become as risk for you as a driver. It is crucial you keep high level of concentration on screen and synchronize it with mouse clicking. I know, this is easier to say than to do, because you have already taken the multiple choice part of theory test that demanded from you a lot of nerves and concentration. And then again, you should concentrate for DSA hazard perception test - the second part of theory test. There are couple recommendations for your success in hazard perception section of theory test:

  • Go to the DSA theory test after you have taken at least several driving lessons and feel comfortable as a driver.
  • When you study for the theory test multiple choice section, try to imagine each question as a real road situation, it will help you not to get confused when trying to notice developing hazard as early as possible.
  • Try to practice at least 10 hazard perception tests, to understand scoring and clicking correlation.

24 Dec 2010

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