Changing my way of invoicing

One day I realized that economic circumstances became very bad for a business. I was very upset, but decided not to give up, because I put my whole soul and much effort into my business. I don’t even talk about money investments, which I am doing constantly. I started thinking of cutting down expenses. The only problem I was faced with was detecting costs that I can cut down. I tried to communicate with my friends, who also manage some business. Mostly all of them reduced the number of stuff. I couldn’t do the same, because there were only two people employed in my small enterprise. I tried to surf the Internet and found one interesting solution.

The solution is concerning invoicing. Exactly it is introducing invoicing software into my business. First I couldn’t get how I can save money while I waste it on buying invoicing software. Right, first I needed to spend money on the invoicing software. It should help me to save money in long-term. And it did.

I will tell you in details about everything what I gained from improving invoicing. My usual way of creating invoices was MS Word. Yes, it took me some time to make every invoice look nice, but I was pretty satisfied. Then I printed invoice, put it into an envelope and delivered to the post office. After I bought invoicing program, everything have completely changed. My new invoicing scenario was following: I created an invoice using templates provided by the software and then I sent invoice right from the program to the client by an email. The process became much easier, faster and more pleasant. I reached my main goal – to save money. See for yourself, I don’t use any paper and post service for invoicing. I don’t spend that much printer ink than I used to. And finally, I spend less time on sending invoices, which let me spend more time on my business developing.

I came to a conclusion that not always you have to stop doing something to reduce costs and improve business. Sometimes you need just change the way how you do things, even if it takes some money investment at the beginning.

8 Aug 2010

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