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How to overcome all obstacles and get driving license in Sweden (körkort)

21 Nov 2012

I want to share with my experience in getting driving license. I went to driving school at the age of 20. I wanted to drive a car, because my university was situated far from my house. I was taking two buses to reach it. It was long and inconvenient, so I decided to get driving license (in Sweden it is called körkort). It was good spur for me.

As always I started with theory. I was studying theory book and tried to remember questions and right answers. After some time I understood that it is useless try to remember anything from the first time. First it is better to just read and understand but when you start repeating material then it memorizes. The more you repeat theory the better results you will get on exam. There is quite much material to learn and not everyone have time to repeat it for many times. I advise to read theory book every time you have free moment. For example, when you are in public transport or before you go to sleep spend some 15 minutes to read theory. I was doing exactly that way. I can say that it is quite easy way of studying theory because you don’t need to spend extra hours for learning. Besides theory book, I was testing my theory in the internet. I was practicing my knowledge by passing tests. There are many websites that provide körkort practice. I have chosen one I liked most. However you can answer all questions correct in the internet test, it doesn’t guarantee you passing real theory test (teoriprov). I don’t know why it happens like this but some of my friends failed theory exactly this way. To my mind, it happens because at the real theory exam people are under the stress.

I got my körkort in just 1 month. Maybe it is just lucky coincidence but my studies also impacted the result for sure. For practicing driving I don’t have extra tips except driving lessons at least I didn’t use any. I can wish everyone be self-confident and motivated to pass the exam and you will get driving license.



Information signs

20 Jan 2011

Information signs normally give road users information about the route and about places and facilities of particular value or interest. Most informatory signs are rectangular but direction signs usually have one end pointed.

Information signsInformation signsInformation signs

Car insurance quotes

14 Jan 2011

car insurance

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Breakaway Honda

13 Jan 2011

HondaBreakaway Honda of Greenville South Carolina serving Spartanburg, Anderson, Greer is one of the finest Honda dealerships. Breakaway Honda Greenville SC can be found on Woodruff Rd In Greenville South Carolina just minutes from the motor mile.  While Driving on South Carolina Interstate 85 in Greenville SC Take exit 48 B on Laurens Road.  This is considered Greenville South Carolina's "Motor Mile".

Car donation

12 Jan 2011

car donationCar Donation at Donate Car USA is fast and easy way to give your used car to charity! Donors receive the maximum 2011 tax deduction. You can donate all types of vehicle  - automobile, boat, truck, RV, motor home. Free pickup nationwide, also in UK.

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Orchard School of Motoring

10 Jan 2011

Orchard School of MotoringOrchard School of Motoring provides professional driving tuition in a patient and friendly manner, with driving lessons, including Pass Plus and advanced driving, to suit all ages and levels of experience. Covering St Austell, Bodmin, Newquay and the surrounding areas of Cornwall. Welcome to Orchard School of Motoring!

Brocars Vehicle Leasing

10 Jan 2011

brocars Brocars Vehicle Leasing Brocars Vehicle Leasing, Finance and Contract Hire, Brocars Leasing is the Contract Hire, Finance and Vehicle Leasing division of Brocars PLC. As well as financing vehicles ourselves we are a licensed credit broker working with various UK lenders to help us provide competive pricing backed by an unrivalled service level.

Advanced Driving Course

6 Jan 2011

Taking road skills to a higher grade, perhaps by completing further training, driver development beyond the test is not something that is often considered by motorists. That is because in the UK, particularly where car driving is concerned, we have no continuation of learning culture. In fact, probably less than 1% will seek out an advanced driving course.

Your learner driver training is the process that took you up to and through the test. However, unless you complete any further driver training, then your performance afterwards can only be based upon being a learner driver. Holding your full licence in your hand doesn’t somehow transmit to you additional knowledge and skills.

Whilst you were taking learner driver training, did you have the opportunity to practice the most effective ways to drive at higher speeds on major trunk routes and in real traffic conditions?  On rural roads, what driver training did you get that enabled you to read the road and make the car flow round bends?  What about driving at National speed limits and at night? Think about what you were actually given during your learner driver training.

But how do motorists learn to do these things, if they were not given the skills by their learner driver training? Trial and error, is the answer, and by mimicking what they see others do. Going out with more experienced drivers, such as parents, has an influence, but looking at these experienced folk, what is their level of driver training?

Gaining experience is often confused with gaining greater skills, but experience is only the more fluent application of existing skills – learner skills that are given during initial driver training. This is the passing of time and practice making tasks appear easier. Driver training at learner level is painting by numbers and without further input the best we can remain at will be forever functioning at the level of learner training. Driving can't be otherwise, not unless you seek further input.

advanced driving course


To find the best driving schools

5 Jan 2011

Go InstructorTo fins the best driving school is essential for every learner driver. If you are looking for the best driving schools, driving instructors and cheap driving lessons check GoInstructor.co.uk. There you will find the best driving instructors in your area which can help you pass your driving test.

Hazard perception practice

31 Dec 2010

Hazard perception practice as mentioned before is very important to pass DSA theory test. To get accommodate to what is expected on the day of theory test, watch this video.

DSA hazard perception

24 Dec 2010

Hazard perception test DSA hazard perception tests are the most complicated part of theory test. Of course, I am not saying that multiple choice questions and case studies are easy to pass but still, hazard perception test is harder because you can't predict will the particular hazard become as risk for you as a driver. It is crucial you keep high level of concentration on screen and synchronize it with mouse clicking. I know, this is easier to say than to do, because you have already taken the multiple choice part of theory test that demanded from you a lot of nerves and concentration. And then again, you should concentrate for DSA hazard perception test - the second part of theory test. There are couple recommendations for your success in hazard perception section of theory test:

  • Go to the DSA theory test after you have taken at least several driving lessons and feel comfortable as a driver.
  • When you study for the theory test multiple choice section, try to imagine each question as a real road situation, it will help you not to get confused when trying to notice developing hazard as early as possible.
  • Try to practice at least 10 hazard perception tests, to understand scoring and clicking correlation.

Warning signs

19 Dec 2010

Warning sign informs you about approaching hazard or danger. The design of most warning signs is based on an equilateral triangle having its apex uppermost. They are sometimes supplemented by rectangular plates giving additional information as may be necessary. The warning signs are mostly triangular. Warning signs Warning signs Warning signs Warning signs Warning signs Warning signs

Road signs in UK

12 Dec 2010

Warning sign: Uneven road (SE)Warning sign: Uneven road (UK) Road signs in UK are mostly of the same visual appearance as they are in other European Union countries. I mean colors and shapes. The only thing which can differ is the color of background - in some EU countries, for example, in Sweden the color of road sign's background is yellow, while in UK it is white. An, of course, there could be small changes due to left-hand traffic in UK. While in majority OF EU countries there is right-hand traffic.

Highway Code: fitness to drive

7 Dec 2010

Fitness to driveYou can drive just when your health condition is appropriate for driving. Driving when you are tired increases your risk of collision. To get rid of this unneeded risk follow the following principles: Before long journey get a good night's sleep. If possible do not plan long journeys between 12:00 am and 6:00 am, because this is a time when naturally people's alertness is at minimums. Plan enough time for your journey for an opportunity to take breaks if such need occurs. If there is need to stop for rest or sleep, stop in a safe place. Don't stop on motorway or highway.

Highway Code for pedestrians #3

1 Dec 2010

Highway code

Highway Code for pedestrians says that one of the safest ways to cross the road is zebra crossing. It is advisable not to run suddenly over the zebra but to give traffic plenty of time no notice you and to stop before you start to cross. Bear in mind that vehicles will need more time to stop when the road is slippery. ideally if you can wait until traffic has stopped from both directions or the road is clear before crossing. If there is an island in the middle of a zebra crossing you can use it to wait for traffic to stop. Take into consideration that the second half of the road is a separate crossing.

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